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Your online source to find antique art for sale

On Dexileos, enjoy the choice and quality of the selected antique artworks and the ability to be in direct contact with the expert fine art dealers selling on our online antique market. In a nutshell, Dexileos facilitates your discovery of new art for sale and art sellers. We believe trust-based relationships and tailored advice from professionals are essential to art acquisition over the long term.

Essentially showcasing classical art and Impressionism

The sweet spot of Dexileos is Old Masters art, as well as impressionist and neo-impressionist paintings. In particular (but not limited to):

Aside from these, don’t miss the bronze sculptures and art prints too.

Vintage art for sale

If you primarily find antique art for sale on Dexileos (i.e. fine art over a hundred years old), vintage fine art is also available. For instance, if you’re after 20th-century art inspired by Classicism, Impressionism, or Expressionism, or Art Deco artists, you can also bookmark Dexileos — basically, if you’re into modern figurative art or modern realism.

European fine arts and antiques

For now, Dexileos mainly carries European fine arts and antiques. When it comes to fine art for sale specifically, there is no doubt that English, French and Italian paintings and sculptures take the lion’s share here. Yet, you can also find some American and Asian works of art. And we only hope to see more and more of them as our budding website grows.

The virtues of original fine art for today’s interiors

Buying original art enables us to give both a personal and unique touch to homes. With original art, we create outstanding interiors that say something about us because they are like no others. Our home interior may be inspired by others, but our individuality surfaces thanks to our selection and how we associate pieces.

Why buy antique paintings, sculptures, or drawings?

Artwork of any period in time may arouse emotions and stimulate thought. Each of us may be attracted to different styles: aesthetics is very subjective. Because during our education, there is such a strong emphasis on figurative art, and we are being presented with art through the ages, we have a familiarity with traditional arts and classics. Classics from all periods bond generations and people through shared knowledge. Having a liking for art from the past tremendously opens our horizons in terms of choice: there are so many more paintings, drawings, and sculptures that we may fall in love with. Our decor can be all the richer, especially as our taste evolves over time. The medieval bust of a Saint can happily rub shoulders with a Renaissance study, a Baroque cherub, or an expressionist painting.

Old art gives us perspective

There is something additional happening with old art pieces. Humans are complex creatures with, in a way, several temporal dimensions within them. You live here and now, and you imagine and mold your future. And to do that well, a connection with the past is fundamental to ground you.

Imagine this old master portrait in your living room. It represents a real person who lived maybe two or three hundred years ago, someone who wanted to leave something for posterity. And the artist captured the essence of what should be remembered, combining intention and inspiration to decide on shapes and colors for a final result before your eyes today. How many people looked at this portrait before and told stories right by it? Looking at an impressionist landscape you may wonder: could this tree still be alive? does this river bend freely in this charming valley today? The connection may be even more physical with a sculpture, whether it be in marble, wood, or bronze. Between the model, the subject, the artist, and the involved materials and craftsmen, there is so much life imbued in artworks, so many pieces of life that transcended time. It reminds us of the grand scale of humanity and the universe. May it nourish our thoughts.

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