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All "Personal Information" (any information that identifies or permits identification, contact or location of an individual to whom the information relates) we collect and maintain is subject to this Privacy Policy.
If you have any questions, concerns or requests about how we handle your personal data or any other matter related to personal data, please contact us:

3, rue Paul Tavernier
77300 Fontainebleau, France

Dexileos is a website (“Site”, “we”, “us”, “our”) dedicated to professional dealers who can exhibit their objects and connect with potential buyers.


Personal data can be collected under various circumstances described below.

For Visitors:
A visitor is a person who has no account on Dexileos (neither as a Buyer nor as a Seller).
For these people, Dexileos does not collect any data.
Browsing the Site does not leave any traces other than those of legal logs of IP addresses.
If expressly agreed upon, anonymized information is collected by Google Analytics via a cookie to measure the traffic on the Site.
Cookies From Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to collect information about our Site traffic. We use it to analyze traffic and improve our service. All the data is anonymized by Google.
If you accept it, Google Analytics sets a permanent cookie on your browser to identify you the next time you log in. This cookie can only be used by Google Analytics.
Google Analytics collects and aggregates how often the Site is visited, which pages are visited, from where (never more specific than city level), the browser used and the source of the visit (e.g. a search engine, a link from a social network, or direct input of the Site address).
You can prevent Google from collecting this data on our Site via the Decline or Stop Collecting button.
For more information about how Google Analytics works and how Google collects and manages data, visit
You can also choose to opt out of Google Analytics with Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on at

Sellers Registered on The Site
When opening a gallery, Dexileos collects the necessary information to opening a gallery on the Site, including :
Gallery name, address, contacts, TAX number, etc...
This information can be modified from your Seller Account page or by a request to Dexileos.
Yet, some information is required to operate a gallery on Dexileos. Requesting to remove this information may result in the gallery closure on the Site.

Individual Registered With a Buyer Account
When creating a Buyer Account, an email address is requested and collected by the Site.
A subscription to Dexileos newsletter is also possible from the Buyer Account.
When connecting to your Buyer's Account, a cookie is generated, enabling you to save new objects and galleries to your favorites. You also have the possibility to configure alerts to be informed of new arrivals for specific objects.
Dexileos does not collect any browsing data other than Google Analytics (if accepted by the user), nor does Dexileos keep a history of the various selections made.
Dexileos does not rely on this data to target its communication, nor does it cross-reference the information from Google Analytics with the "Buyer Account".
We use the data strictly to provide access to the service and nothing more.

Information Collected During a Request Made via Dexileos
When a visitor contacts a seller via the email form on their profile, the information given - email address and/or phone number, as well as the text of the message - is saved on our server.
This is only for convenience, so that the sellers have a duplicate of the messages sent to them.
This information can be deleted by the seller (from their Seller Account page), by Dexileos, or at the request of the email author.
This data is not used or analyzed for marketing or commercial purposes.


Dexileos does not sell, rent or share information with third parties.
When required by law (for example, in connection with a subpoena, warrant, court order, or legal proceeding), we may have to provide access to your data to the legal authorities.


Users of the Site can ask at any time to have their data deleted.
For a Buyer or Seller Account data is kept indefinitely and is manageable from the account page by the person who subscribed.

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