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Early 18th Century English Portrait Of A Lady - By Michael Dahl.

"Early 18th Century English Portrait Of A Lady - By Michael Dahl."
Ahighly decorative and sensitively rendered early 18th century portrait of a lady by Michael Dahl (1659-1743).The graceful sitter is depicted half length within an oval cartouche. She wears an elegant oyster coloured silk dress and shawl which is the typical costume of aristocratic ladies of the period.

3This attractive portrait is typical of the formula used by Dahl for his head-and-shoulder images of beauties. It is also a shimmering example of Dahl's oeuvre, at a time when he was in direct competition with the pre-eminent portraitist Sir Godfrey Kneller (1646-1723). The as yet unknown noble lady is presented against a dark background. Light enters from the right and casts an extravagant shadow, a technique that helps to accentuate both the curve of the sitters neck and also the elegant turn of her head.

The crisp handling of the sitters frilled white chemise, the lively way in which her costume and drapery are handled. as well as an interesting colour palette are all typical of Michael Dahl.

Michael Dahl (1659-1743)
The artist had a broad range of patrons including members of the royal family, the nobility and prominent court office-holders, as well as London professionals and gentry families. The exact date of this portrait however remains a mystery, it is however likely that it was painted in his London studio in Leicester Fields, in which he between 1696 onwards. Whilst the sitters wistful gaze, and graceful pose, call to mind Dahl's imposing images of the court beauties at Petworth, here Dahl applies his court style on a much smaller scale. The result is this intimate, arresting and jewel like portrait.
This fine work of art is in an excellent state of conservation and it is ready to hang and enjoy in its likely original fine, carved and gilded, 18th century frame.

Higher resolution images on request.
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Canvas: 29.5” x 24” / 75cm x 61cm.
Frame: 34.5" x 29" / 87.5cm x74cm.
Internal Ref: 00136
Price : $11,160
Period: 18th century
Style: Baroque
Material : Oil painting
Condition : Excellent condition
Width : 74cm
Height : 87.5cm
Depth : 3cm

Reference : 1021
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