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The Distraction - Walter Charles Horsley (1855 - 1921)

"The Distraction - Walter Charles Horsley (1855 - 1921)"
Orientalist hand made gilt frame.

This well observed and sensitively painted portrait depicts an elegant young Egyptian woman, leaning out of her window to gaze onto the street below. From what we can see of the interior space, it is richly furnished - an open cloth bag lies on the window sill next to an ornate ball incense burner. The incense burner has been filled with blooming roses and the removed lid bears the artist's signature. The woman herself wears extensive golden jewellery and a fringed cream gown with a red sash tied around her waist. This is a scene of beauty, wealth and fragrances.

The design of domestic architecture in the Middle East was one of the most consistent motifs in British Orientalist painting. Indeed, for those artists who intended to paint any kind of Middle-Eastern domestic subject a study of domestic architecture was an essential preliminary.The modest façades, projecting balconies and above all the delicate mashrabiyyas (lattice-work screens) of private buildings attracted the attention of most of the artists including Horsley. The mashrabiyyas here has been given specific attention, taking up a large portion of the noticeable area on the canvas.
Price : $44,000
Artist : Signed Lower Left
Period: 19th century
Style: Orientalism
Condition : Good condition

Material : Oil on canvas
Length: 20.5 inches
Height : 25 inches

Reference : 157
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