Japanese Shakudo Pill Box | Kozan

Description :

"Japanese Shakudo Pill Box | Kozan"
Fine Japanese Meiji period shakudo pill box decorated with wildlife ofkomai style damascene form. The box beautifully decorated with cranes to the lid above a flowing river beside blossoming flowers and foliage. To each longer side frogs jump between lily pads with a crane flying to the shorter side and further foliage. Signed 光山 for Kozan. Probably Takase Kozan a famous Japanese metalworker who worked in Kyoto, renowned for his incredible skills in creating articulated sealife and insects.

Notes |Takase Kozan (1869 to 1934) born in Kanazawa, capital of Ishikawa Prefecture onJapan’s central Honshu Island wasthe eldest son of Takase Kanatake. In1883 Kozan started working in the export department of Ikeda Seisuke's company in Kobe and transferred in 1887 to the metalworking division of the factory's Kyoto branch. Here he learned metalworking techniques from Tomiki Isuke, a brilliant metal artist with exceptionally realistic pieces. In 1893 he opened a business selling metalwork both domestically and abroad, soon becoming famous for his articulated studies of sea life and insects. In 1910, the artist was honoured when the Crown Prince (Taisho Emperor) purchased several of his astonishingly realistic articulated insects during a visit to Kyoto.
Tomiki Isuke |An Iron Articulated Sculpture of a Snake Realised $125'000 Christies
Takase Kozan | A Shibuichi Articulated Sculpture of a Lobster Realised $25'000 Christies

Measurements |2.5cm High x 4.5cm Wide x 3cm Deep

Condition |Excellent, No damage & No restoration.
Price : $1,900
Artist : Kozan
Period: 19th century
Style: Asian Art
Condition : Excellent condition

Material : Mixed metal
Width : 4.5
Height : 2.5
Depth : 3

Reference : 598
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