Montgolfier Brothers Battersea Enamel Miniature | 18th Century

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"Montgolfier Brothers Battersea Enamel Miniature | 18th Century"
Fine 18th centuryBatterseaenamel on copper ovoid miniatureplaque. The miniature displaying a scene in commemoration to the Montgolfier brothers style balloon with figures gazing upon the ballon in the sky with Air Balloon written either side.

Notes |Battersea enamelwareis a form of painted enamelware considered the finest of its kind produced in England during the 18th century. It is especially noted for the high quality of its transfer printing and is composed of soft white enamel completely covering a copper ground with a design applied to the white enamel either by painting by hand or by transfer printing. Transfer printing is a process by which an impression from an engraved metal plate brushed with enamel colours is transferred to paper and then to the surface to be decorated. Most objects produced were small ornamental pieces such as snuffboxes and were decorated in the Rococo style. The shapes of the objects and the decorative motifs are often imitative of Meissen porcelain ware.
The Montgolfier brothers,Joseph-Michel & Jacques-ÉtienneMontgolfier were aviation pioneers, balloonists and paper manufacturers from Ardèche, France. They are best known as inventors of the Montgolfière-style hot air balloon which launched the first confirmed piloted ascent by man in 1783, carrying Jacques-Étienne. Joseph-Michel also invented the self-acting hydraulic ram and Jacques-Étienne founded the first paper-making vocational school. Together, the brothers invented a process to manufacture transparent paper.

Measurements |4.8cm High x 3.4cm Wide

Condition |Good, A few minor chips to the edge of the miniature.
Price : $1,800
Artist : Battersea Enamel
Period: 18th century
Style: Other Style
Condition : Good condition

Material : Enamel
Width : 3.4
Height : 4.8

Reference : 597
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