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Four Fine And Large Antique Crewel Work Panels.

Four Fine And Large  Antique Crewel Work Panels. sold

Description :

"Four Fine And Large Antique Crewel Work Panels."
Four fine and impressive panels of fine early 18th needlework from a set of crewel work bed hangings. Each panel featuring a tree of life design woven in coloured wools to a natural linen ground with climbing branches and trailing floral vines, the border with stags among scalloped foothills, bound in green

Such sets of bed hangings would have comprised four curtains and six valances. Such sets of hangings, when pulled closed around a bed, gave warmth and privacy. They were usually the most important part of the bed, generally referred to as the 'furniture', and were often valued more highly than the wooden bed frames they decorated.

The technique is known as crewel work, from the crewel or worsted wool used. Crewel work was popular through much of the second half of the 17th century, and was used extensively for bed hangings. It was usually carried out on a strong ground fabric of linen and cotton twill.

Many crewel work curtains including the ones sen here were loosely based on Far Eastern designs. They were influenced by Indian painted textiles which were becoming increasingly available in England in this period and which themselves mixed Eastern and Western motifs. These hangings have some exotic elements ( storks and flora) but many aspects of their design are firmly in the tradition of English embroidery, particularly in the depiction of animals, and the varied filling stitches for the foliage.

Each panel is approximately 150 cm wide and 250 cm long and has what appears to be a later pink linen lining layer under. If these fine and museum quality hanging s are of interest please do request images of each panel in detail. Three panels with minor wear (can be hung) and one requiring restoration to the lower quarter

For a similar set of bed hangings see The Muncaster Bed Hangings from Muncaster Castle

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