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BUYING SAFELY on our plateform



Below are recommendations for a safe and smooth purchase from sellers on Dexileos.
Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.
Dexileos is a platform where only legally registered professionals can open a gallery. Each seller is therefore bounded to respect the business laws and regulations for e-commerce, shipping and taxation.
Each object is clearly and namely linked to its seller. You have direct access to all the sellers for all your questions.
Each seller information card shows their contact details, so that you can get in touch with them through your favorite communication tool.
It will help you build a personable relationship with a seller. It is essential when buying unique pieces online.


Make sure that you contact the seller to ask all the questions before you make any decision.
Never hesitate to ask for extra pictures and information about the object of your interest, shipping method and cost, insurance, expected delivery time and the selling condition of the dealer.
Ask also about the return policy ins case there might be a problem or you do not like your purchase when you receive it. Moreover, to the risk of stating the obvious, get a proper invoice with a level of description faithful to what you consider to be the important traits of the object you're buying.
It is much better to discuss all of this before you buy anything.


Note that it is of tremendous importance for all your emails, not specifically for matters related to Dexileos.
Nevertheless, if you’re interested in any object seen on Dexileos, you will most likely be dealing with the antique dealer directly by email at some point. Consequently, it is fundamental that your email account is secured and protected from any hackers that might try to insert themselves in the conversation and make you think that they are the real seller.
The best way to secure your email account is by using two-factor authentication. This way, even if someone has your password, they still cannot connect to your account. Any modern email host company offers double authentication, and we very highly recommend that you use this. It will dramatically improve your security. During a conversation with an antique dealer, if you notice any change in their email address or, if you have suspicions about their demand or identity, do not hesitate to contact us at, we can help you.


In case you do not like your purchase or if you have any issue, contact the seller without delay. Explain the issue precisely, and do not let disappointment or frustration take the best part of you.
At this point you will see how important it was to have clarified the transaction, asked questions to the dealer before buying.
Remember that your satisfaction as a client is in the best interest of the sellers., Usually, the more experienced the seller, the quicker a satisfying solution is found.
If you have trouble communicating with a dealer, let us know, and we will try to help you.

Note that Dexileos does not take any part in the transaction, which happens solely between the client and the dealer. Dexileos cannot be held responsible for any problem that will happen between the dealers and their clients.

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