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The origin of Dexileos goes back to 2009 when Olivier Camus, who had been an antique dealer for nearly 15 years at the time, decided to create a website dedicated to antiques and antique dealers.
He paired with his brother Stéphane who is a computer engineer, and together they created Proantic, which quickly became the most important antique website not only in France but in Europe.
Proantic is like an always-on wide market where professional dealers from France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and other European countries gather.
Over the years, our team has grown, but Olivier and Stéphane are still the main people behind Proantic.
We believe our unique proven approach to the online antiques market can make a difference in North America, hence the launch of Dexileos.


Dexileosis mainly managed by Stéphane Camus, co-founder of Proantic, who previously lived in California for five years.
Needless to say, his brother Olivier also brings his antique expertise.
Stéphane has been living in Japan since 2005 with his wife Minako. They have five cats and spend a lot of time practicing aikido and kyudo


A server and computer specialist, Franck makes sure that the security level is at its best, manages the servers and backups, and ensures we are using the best technologies.
Franck also lives in Japan. He gives aikido classes in his spare time. When you see him fight you understand that he is the kind of guy who won't let a problem go until it is fully tackled. He met Stéphane at their aikido dojo where they have been practicing together for more than a decade.


In charge of content for Dexileos, Christelle is Franco-American with a career in digital marketing both in the Silicon Valley and France.
She worked in very different areas of high tech with equal pleasure, from telecom services to mathematical solvers as well as music or books.
She is a history and culture buff, passions she loves sharing with her husband and three daughters. Lucky to live in the French Alps, she can equally enjoy hikes with her dog Tahoe and the discovery of Baroque (or other historical) treasures.

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